In June, STRIKKS will be participating at Centre Ceramique in Maastricht in Let's (ad)dress the people. A multidisciplinary social-design project.

And we are looking for enthusiastic knitters to join us!

Do you have the spirit, drive and time to co-create something big and knitted? Then we’re looking for you!

Together with Marjo van Knippenberg, STRIKKS will provide free workshops that will take place in Centre Ceramique in Maastricht for, mainly, elderly people. During these workshops we will be working on one big design and we’ll be teaching you interesting new approaches regarding the knitting technique. We’ll be knitting with materials that are maybe a bit unorthodox to work with, but therefor that much more challenging!

All dates on which you can participate in the STRIKKS-workshops:
June 2nd ⋅ June 3rd ⋅ June 9th ⋅ June 10th ⋅ June 16th ⋅ June 18th ⋅ June 22nd ⋅ June 23rd
And during the FASHIONCLASH Festival from Thursday 30.06 until Sunday 03.07.16.
Workdays: 10:00 – 13:00 |  14:oo – 17:00 |   Weekends: 13:00 – 17:00

About the project

Let’s (ad)dress the people is a multidisciplinary social design project based around traditional craft techniques and participation of particularly elderly. The project is developed in context of the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016 theme Heritage and will take place at Plein 1992, Centre Céramique and Coffeelovers de ANNEX in Maastricht.

In the project the process is as important as the end result. This process of handicrafting within a team contributes to encounter, dialogue and sharing of knowledge. The project brings together the arts and crafts of fashion and textile design with the tangible and intangible heritage of our popular culture.

Designers Floor Nijdeken, Jolijn Fiddelaers of IXX creates and Maartje Boer and Suzanne Vaessen of STRIKKS will work in teams with experienced craft buddies and elderly participnats with purpose to co-create new textile designs. The public space of Centre Céramique will temporary be transformed into a pop-up workshop where all teams will work together. In addition there will be an exhibition at Coffeelovers de ANNEX where you can see the work of the designers.


Let’s (ad)dress the People is an initiative of FASHIONCLASH in collaboration with foundation Tout Maastricht. The project is made possible by Fonds voor CultuurparticipatieGemeente MaastrichtStichting Tout MaastrichtCoffeelovers and Centre Céramique.

The end result