Fashionclash 2012

The first STRIKKS editions
FAB – competition

The first STRIKKS editions stand for easy-to-wear garments that have quality, texture, contrasting structures and tactility. Basic models that become favorite pieces. For several seasons to come

A competition

and new beginnings

Our aim in this competition was to show that STRIKKS could be more than just a new label for nice pieces of clothing. We wanted to convince that knitting was a technique that could be used all around  you. We want to research it’s possibilities and all refine all knitting processes in a transparent manner. Our lab is a way of communication between the studio, the product and it’s (future) owner.

STRIKKS was one of the contestants in the FAB compilation held at the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2012 in Maastricht.
Photos are by Team Peter Stigter and Frank Vaessen.

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