Fashionclash 2013

STRIKKS (black) editions
The latest editions

The latest editions to the STRIKKS editions collection are about wanting to create a world that is build upon comfort and most favorite jumpers. Jumpers you would live in, if you could.

A pencil sketchbook

Pencil lines in a sketchbook. In grey, black and all shades in between. The hesitating lines of a pencil and a brush. Those are our sources of inspirations for all the new knitted structures.


For men and women

Our collection does not follow or obey trends and/or season. However, that does not mean that we never add new items when the earlier ones leave us. Some are still in stock, but most have left us and found a new happy owner. Please contact us if you would like to know more about an item you’ve just saw.

STRIKKS took part in one of the fashion shows during the FASHIONCLASH festival 2013 in Maastricht.
Photos are by Team Peter Stigter and Frank Vaessen.

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