Fashionclash 2016

Let's (ad)dress the people
A social design project

Together with Marjo van Knippenberg, STRIKKS provided free workshops for, mainly, elderly people. During these workshops we worked on one big design and taught interesting new approaches regarding the knitting technique. We knitted with materials that were maybe a bit unorthodox to work with, but therefor that much more challenging and fulfilling if you look at the result so far! Thanks ladies!

And a Kuschel-Kino!

A cinema to relax, let hang, plunge and watch a movie in. If you want. Or else have a look at what co-creation can build. As said before on this site: knitting has some serious super-powers.
The walls, the ceiling and the interior are all knitted in different, but matching, stitches. Done by hand and by machine. Executed in white for the full experience. Let’s hang!

kg of recycled sheets
knit fanatics
days in June


The result so far


A short impression of the workshops in Centre Céramique, Maastricht.

We would like to use the Kuschel-Kino at more than one event in Maastricht and other cities. Behind the scenes we are finishing the design. If you would like to come, hang and admire, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, check our calendar or subscribe to our newsletter.
Got an event and would you like to use the cinema? We’ll be eagerly waiting for your message!

Let’s (ad)dress the People is an initiative of FASHIONCLASH in collaboration with foundation Tout Maastricht. The project is made possible by Fonds voor CultuurparticipatieGemeente MaastrichtStichting Tout MaastrichtCoffeelovers and Centre Céramique.

Photos by Karen Kikkert & STRIKKS

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