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Remember our Blanket FOLDED? Like how it’s just got that little extra?
We then started to design more interior products that could have that little bit of ‘oomph’ they might need. In our opinion a daily-used product should come in handy first. But why let the pattern or design just be decorative? Combine the design and the function of the product and it just makes doing your daily things that much more interesting!

Wring it

It’s the same thing with our new range of products: WRING. They are towels knitted in a cotton quality. The cotton quality will dry your hands and dishes quickly. The knitted structures will give you access to all little corners and spaces. When you hang it to dry, the towel will give you a glimpse of how it can be folded. When you do fold it; you’ll notice the design you’ll get is a towel that has been wrung out.


Perfect for very precise jobs in the kitchen.


Watch how it's done

Towels WRING
45 x 75 cm
100% cotton
Acid-Yellow, Jeans- Blue, Soft-Aqua

All photos by STRIKKS

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