A designed statement

Overstock are those items that don’t get sold once the season has ended. A hang for the new items is, despite efforts like slow-fashion, still the strongest trend among buyers and customers. The definition of a showpiece is that it’s something exhibited or worthy of exhibiting as a fine example of it’s kind.

Overstock and showpieces

As designers we require great attention for developing a typical STRIKKS-item that stays with its owner for more than one fashion season. In this showpiece, we collected 5 items that we’re once marketed as single items. By bringing them together and by giving them that special finish plus attention we contributed to their greater value as a unique piece. We like to call it Überstock. The whole is a designed statement of what we stand for as a label and designers. The single items are again designed and sold for private use.


plus our very special attention

Überstock was exhibited at Fashionclash 2015 & Fashion Maastricht in Chengdu (China) 2015
Photography: Ruben Reehorst & STRIKKS

Model: Floortje Speel (CJ Models)
Make-up and hair by Daniëlle Crals

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