A unique festival with remarkable mini-cinema’s and films
In cinemas, industrial buildings and with a ‘Foodgarden’ at the heart of the festival. In 2016 Docfest is host to documentaries and debates around the special themes ‘migration & refugees’ and related to the US ‘presidential elections’. You will find Q&A-sessions with film makers, a ‘speaker’s corner’ where you are able to share your story about a documentary, workshop, masterclass, activitity and much more! Also, children will have a blast: from a childcare for the smallest, to workshops, special films and lots of activities for the bigger kids.
Docfest is for everyone. That’s why several documentaries and activities are free of charge.

Come and enjoy the STRIKKS Kuschel kino for the first time!

The documentaries are shown in industrial settings and in unique mini-cinema’s. As in the STRIKKS Kuschel-kino! We designed our kino for the complete experience. A full white experience that makes you want to keep on watching. Whether it’s the Kuschel-kino or the documentary…

A social design project

Our Kuschel-Kino is made during Fashionclash Let’s (ad)dress the people 2016. We thank all the beautiful people who contributed in this project and made sure that during DocFest everyone can discover who they are.

15-18 september 2016
Sphinxkwartier Maastricht
several documentaries and activities are free of charge

The Kuschel-kino
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